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Carolina Estefan


Carolina Estefan (Creative Director) is a Colombian-born fashion designer who graduated from Parsons Paris School of Design. Along with her sister Silvana (Executive Director), who studied at Duke University, they created their own brand which had always been their dream. Having lived in various countries including Brazil, France, U.S.A., and Ecuador, their vision was always set on building a company together.  The richness of these cultural experiences adds up to the international background as a direct source of inspiration for Carolina’s designs. 

Today, Carolina’s artistic, creative mind complements Silvana’s business-oriented way of thinking. They work hand in hand in constructing an extraordinary concept of amazing pieces that make women feel powerful, confident, and beautiful. Elegance with a bit of oddity, mixed fabrics, hand embroidery, and illustrated prints are all characteristics of an artistic creation applied to garments. They strongly believe the trick is in designing versatile pieces. Eclecticism is the base of the brand’s DNA.

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