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Summer Romero Hats


SUMMER ROMERO Is an Original & Genuine brand of clothes and accessories that combines the Mexican millenary textile art with fashion and contemporary applications. Each piece is unique and unrepeatable. They are a series of limited editions of garments that are energetically programed by production process that is based on LOVE , RESPECT and INTENTION . All of the embroidery is handmade by Mexican indigenous artisan women through the telar project.

Each collection belongs to a chapter of the GAIANAUTA story written by the designer Summer Romero for the past decade. The story is told through the pieces and each collection is presented through “CHAPTERS” and not by “seasons” like the majority in the industry.

The “Hilosophy” of this brand, is to create  Timeless energy shields remembering the power of our clothing in our daily lives, inviting us to reflect with consciousness when choosing what type of clothing we want to cover our “temple” (our bodies) with, and under what circumstances and energy the things we consume are made.

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