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Formation Bold Earcuf (Silver)


MATERIALS: Recycled Brass mixed with silver and 1000 silver plated.

 NOTE: \\ PRODUCTION: Completely handmade and the process takes 3 weeks.

This ear cuff was made completely by hand in our atelier in Cali-Colombia, with sustainable materials such as recycled brass mixed with silver and 1000 silver plated. Inspired by the “Formation” of a new life, this stunning piece was created after playing with clay. Creating different textures and shapes until we found this innovative and interesting figure!

JETLAGMODE does not assume any type of return of the product unless it is due to a factory defect. Refunds will be made for product change either for the same or for another of equal value, no money refunds will be made. It is important to establish what the process will be to determine if a product is capable of being returned or not, it cannot be at the discretion of the client.

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Please Note :  These product comes directly from Latin-America, so please allowed  7-15 Days from the date of purchase for the product to be shipped.

Covid 19 update:  that due to COVID-19 and following the local health mandates in  the USA, we are taking additional precautions to help ensure the health and safety of our customers, employees and allied designers in Latin America. These precautions include reduced staffing at each atelier.  For this reason please know that our efforts have increased the time it takes to process and ship your order up to two more weeks.

(otherwise our  KKG team will be contacting you with new dates )

We appreciate your patience and understanding.

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